SOLAS - Commercial


Few areas are more demanding than commercial marine workwear, where our unrivalled expertise and technology come into their own.

In the Challenger brand, ISP has developed a range of products which carry all the relevant approvals and accreditation for wearers to be certain of safety at the sharp end.

With its many options and extras, the Challenger range surpasses any expectation.

The patented interlocking lobe design used in all Challenger models gives in-water protection by channelling water and spray away from the wearer's airways.

Challenger SOLAS Flexi-Wing 150Challenger Flexi-Wing 150

The Flexi-Wing 150 Lifejacket has been designed as a dual purpose Emergency Abandonment or Constant Wear lifejacket. The low profile design allows the wearer unrestricted movement and full forward and downward vision.  


Challenger Interlock 275Challenger Interlock 275

The SOLAS approved Challenger Interlock 275 lifejacket in durable red Nylon fabric has been designed for use as a combined working/ abandonment lifejacket. This incredibly lightweight and comfortable to wear lifejacket design gives excellent neck and head support which is particularly vital for an unconscious wearer. 


Challenger SOLAS Aqua JuniorChallenger SOLAS Aqua Junior

The Aqua Junior 100 is the child’s version in the SOLAS range which has been specifically designed to provide a comfortable and compact lifejacket that conforms to the latest regulations. 


Challenger SOLAS Aqua JuniorChallenger Interlock 275 Series III Offshore

The SOLAS approved Challenger Interlock 275 Non Harness is specially designed for the Oil and Gas market  constructed using a highly durable but flexible PVC orange cover fabric making it ideal for professionals working in the highly abrasive oil and gas environments.