MkII Police Tactical Waistcoats

The all new, totally flexible waistcoat system for personnel involved in:

  • Dynamic Intervention/Entry (DI)
  • Armed Response Vehicles (ARV)
  • General Purpose (GP)


Following extensive development work with the UK MoD Special Project Teams, ISP used their design expertise and material technology to develop specific and specialist Tactical Clothing.

The designs have since been proven in the most arduous of conditions by professionals over extensive periods. Since then ISP has worked in conjuction with a number of Police Armed Response Units to design and develop a brand new range of tactical waistcoats for Police Forces throughout the UK and beyond.

Robust designs, tough fabrics and first class process techniques were first built into the D.I. vests with particular operational work in mind, for example, Hostage Rescue. The same general requirements are essential for firearms officers on a daily basis including Armed Response Vehicle Operatives.

To support all of the above work ISP used its Core Product Knowlege - Inflatable Lifejacket design and manufacture - to design-in the capability of adding a 275N buoyancy Floatation Collar. ISP's Floatation Collar is currently the most compact of its kind on the market and is consistent with the waistcoat's design criteria of stealth, flexibility and heavy use capability and when fitted allows full access to all ancillary equipment pockets.

National Stock Number (NSN) now available: 8145-99-812-6430