Riverine Buoyancy Aid (Multi Role)

This Buoyancy Aid is primarily designed for river crossing in all geographical areas of extreme and adverse climates. It enables fast, safe transition from shore to shore no matter what MO is used.

The assembly is comprised of an orally inflated waistcoat style buoyancy chamber, fitted with an oral inflation valve, rapid dump valves, front fastening buckles, crotch straps, 2 instant repair patches and a mesh stowage bag.



  • Donned and inflated in under 2 mins.
  • Doffed and restowed in under 1 min.
  • Safe, adjustable swimming position.Fast easy repairs in under 30 secs.
  • Can be repaired by user in any environment.
  • Minimal adverse effect on load carried.Low profile.
  • 5 year service interval.

Technical Data

  • 150 Newtons Buoyancy
  • Weight: 0.375kgs (13.23oz)
  • Colour Olive

Design Options

  • Inflation: Oral only.
  • Modifications to client's specification considered.