Lifejackets - Military


ISP have developed a range of specialist military lifejackets requiring far more robust components and features not normally found in commercial products.

In the military field, ISP acts as a Design Authority to sections of the MoD and has numerous accreditations in its portfolio. Similarly, defence forces throughout the world specify ISP products wherever we have helped find solutions to specific needs.

Assault Troop Lifejacket

Designed for use in Amphibious Operations and capable of supporting Combat Personnel plus 36kgs of equipment. Easily discarded whilst on the move by removal of a release pin. The low profile design is comparable with most webbings and is able to integrate with Paratrooper harnesses. For use in All Geographical Areas of Extreme and Adverse Climates. more

Special Forces Lifejacket

An innovative adaptation of an Assault Troop Lifejacket incorporating a self contained Breathing System (STASS), which provides short term air supply to Waterborne Assault Operatives or in Helicopter Escape Situations. more

Multi-Role Lifejacket

This jacket ideally suits Airbourne Operations and yet easily fulfills other multi role uses in all geographical areas of extreme and adverse climates. The low profile design is compatible with most harness designs and is rigged high to clear chest-worn reserve packs. It can be easily discarded whilst on the move via the side release buckles. more

General Service Lifejacket

Used by Navy's Worldwide as standard issue for several duties.This compact single stole lifejacket is easily donned by unfolding from its pouch, slipping over the wearers head and inflating by means of the manually operated gas mechanism. more

Hazardous Duty Lifejacket

For use where Armed Forces Personnel need a low profile unobtrusive Automatically Inflated Lifejacket for jobs such as ship's maintenance, when a fall could render the wearer unconscious and unable to activate the Lifejacket manually. more