Challenger SOLAS Aqua JuniorĀ 

The Aqua Junior 100 is the Child's version in the SOLAS range which has been specifically designed to provide a comfortable and compact lifejacket that conforms to the latest regulations. It is much less cumbersome than a foam lifejacket.

The jacket fits children in the weight range 15kg to 43kg and is fitted with crotch straps and deckbelt as standard for enhanced fit and security.



  • SOLAS approved
  • 100N buoyancy
  • Halkey Roverts twin inflation system
  • Twin chamber for improved security
  • Stainless steel front buckle fastening
  • Buddy line
  • Stainless steel deck harness
  • Fitted lifting beckets
  • Whistle
  • Deck belt and crotch straps fitted for child safety
  • Hook & loop quick burst cover
  • Red nylon cover
  • Lifejacket light fitted


  • SOLAS approved
  • 115N buoyancy (actual)
  • 100N buoyancy (category)
  • Automatic gas inflation
  • Halkey Roberts Alpa Automatic operating head
  • Twin chambers

WBT-100.pngWave Barrier Technology

The patented interlocking lobe design of the bladder used in this lifejacket self-rights the wearer in under 5 seconds and provides an effective Wave Barrier preventing water from being channelled into the airways. The tailored neck design gives vital support to head and neck, even if the subject is unconscious.

Ordering information

Part No. Description
10-ISP-324S-004 HR A/D Red Nylon