Intrepid Submarine Surface Abandonment Clothing - ISSAC

An emergency, surface abandonment suit for submariners. Designed as a single use garment to ensure personnel can evacuate stricken vessels in an emergency on the surface and aid survival until rescue.

ISSAC is of universal sizing and will fit all personnel from the smallest recruit to the largest. Easy to don, the suit features a full length waterproof zip to facilitate entry. A full face seal on the neoprene hood helps ensure that the survivor remains warm and dry. Five fingered gloves allow the wearer the ability to undertake routine tasks requiring dexterity. Manufactured from 'tough' PU coated nylon.

The integral 160N orally inflated lifejacket, complete with spray hood, is designed for ease of donning in a cramped space. The lifejacket is manufactured using high visibility neon yellow fabric and utilises a long established ISP, CE approved bladder. Packed in a multi-laminate, air extracted, foil bag for long life protection and stowed in a chest/waist worn valise. The whole ensemble is then sealed in a polythene bag for on-board stowage. Donning instructions conveniently printed on valise.


Survival Suit Features and Benefits

  • Sole supplier to UK MOD - 20,000 in use with surface fleets.
  • Approved to latest IMO SOLAS regulations.
  • Optional lining for improved insulation.
  • 3 mm neoprene hood - providing warmth and protection for the head.
  • Retroflective tape on hood and wrists - assist survivor location in darkness.
  • Five fingered gloves - allow user to undertake manual tasks.
  • Full length dry zip - ensures easy donning and the wearer remains dry.
  • Leg and wrist ties - ensures a snug fit for all users.

Lifejacket Features and Benefits

  • Many thousands in use with passenger ferries.
  • Easy donning of the lifejacket and integral spray hood.
  • Fully supported spray hood.
  • Retroflective tape and high visibility fabric for survivor location.
  • Whistle fitted.